– I don’t feel lonely here. I think the city is very good for students, says Lilith Harutyunnyan from Armenia.

Lilith Harutyunnyan is a medical doctor pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Health at Umeå University. In her leisure time she does modelling, and she is also a board member of the Network For Future Global Leaders (NFGL), Umeå local network.

You have been living in Umeå for about two years, how do you like it?
– At first it was challenging, due to the weather and dark days in the winter, but it is much better with me this second year. I also love the teaching environmen­­t. I had always dreaded being away from home and family, but here I got lot of friends from different countries and backgrounds. I don’t feel lonely here. Umeå is my second home now. I think the city is very good for students. 

Any special preparations for the winter?
– I have bought winter clothes! As they say “there is no bad weather, just bad clothes”. As for the darkness, I am also getting used to it. I hang out with friends and get myself busy to avoid being depressed. 

Sarata Ngack