Stacie Otiena from Kisumu in Western Kenya is this month’s Student Profile. She studies the Dental technician program, second term, at Umeå University.

Stacie Otiena says that her interest are singing karaoke, travelling and to watch movies. What she likes best about Umeå university is its central location.
– It’s close to everything, it’s close to home, to the hospital and to the city.

Now, during the covid-19-period, what is your opinion on distance studies?
– Distance studies are very difficult and require a lot of discipline, but it’s also very helpful for those who can not attend school daily. During these corona times it’s good that we can have distance studies so that we do not lag behind in academics.

How are you managing your studies and leisure activities nowadays?
– In the beginning it was very difficult, but then I made a timetable that ensures that I manage my studies and have time for my leisure activities, I try to follow my timetable and also reward myself everytime I do.

Any message to Vertex readers?
– This too shall pass. We are stronger than this.

Nausheen Khan