The brand new Umeå Theatre Company shows off their comical skills in their first production ever, when doing” The Cömplete Wörks” of Shakespeare in under two hours.

Erik Campano, a Master student in Cognitive Science, has been doing theatre all his life and most of all music directing for musicals and plays. Now he is the director of the only English language theatre company in Umeå.
– I recognized that here in Umeå there wasn’t any English language or international theatre company and that was a gap that I thought really needed to be filled, because it’s such an international city, it´s so culturally vibrant and an university town, says Erik.

That is why he founded the Umeå Theatre Company together with a group of other students who shared the same vision.
– Sweden is a really great place to do theatre because there is a lot of support for it, says Erik and emphasizes the help the theatre company gets from the university, the city and Folkuniversitetet.
– I really love the culture here. There’s a real commitment to cooperation, to democratic principals and the ability to work together well immediatly in groups, says the director, born in Connecticut, USA.

Umeå Theatre Company has worked their first production for six months and May 4 is the opening night for The Cömplete Wörks öf Williåm Shäkespeäre (Abridged) (Förkortat).
How is it possible to do the complete works of Shakespeare in two hours?
– That’s a secret. I can give you a hint: we do it really fast, the director says laughingly.

The theatre group are scheduled to do four shows in May (see below). Ljusgården in Lärarutbildningshuset at the University is where the shows will take place. The ensemble will use the whole Ljusgården for the show and Erik says there will be suprises and lots of laughter.
– It’s so funny! As a director I’m laughing so much. The audience is going to be thrilled by this.

Catharina Bergman