In April, Umeå University is launching a beta version of a new student web site.  The big difference  is a more holistic view of the students’ experience, according to Jonas Mattebo, project leader. 

Currently, the university is undergoing a reconstruction of their external web site (  As part of that project, it was decided to improve the information directed towards students at the university.

For the last decade, the information given at the web site has only included general information, whereas more specific information on each student’s studies have been provided elsewhere.
– It is confusing for students that there is information in many places, says Jonas Mattebo, project leader and Communication officer at Umeå University.   
His vision of the new web site is that it will be a starting point for all students to learn current information regarding their specific studies at the university.
– The big difference is that we now take on a more holistic view of the students’ experience and gather all relevant information on one platform. 

By logging in, using their UMU-ID, students will reach their schedules and vital course information that in the past usually was provided by the department of their studies or by course coordinators.

For instance, there will be links to the digital platforms Moodle or Cambro, commonly used for communication during courses. The course schedule, however, needs to be registered in the software TimeEdit to be able to been seen on the web site.
The current step in the project is to move all general student information into this new platform. After that, the next step will be to integrate it with student information from the departments and faculties.  In the end of the year, the web site will also be linked to the new LADOK system, where students can see their course grades.
The web site will be a work in progress during the spring semester with the aim of being gradually extended and improved based on given feedback.
– The students’ needs are what’s most important to us, because they are the ones who will be using the features, says Jonas Mattebo.
The beta version will be available for testing by all students in the beginning of April. The official launch of the new student web site is scheduled for the start of the autumn term of 2018, but it will be ready for usage for the admission process during the summer.

Text and photo:
Malin Larsson