– It surprised me how different Sweden was. It was more different than I expected, says Line Marie Veng-Taasti, winner of the humor competition by Vertex. Her Top 5 list of surprises says it all.

Line Marie Veng-Taasti came to Umeå last autumn to study to her masters in cognitive science, and discovered that moving to Sweden is not easy, and full of surprises. Surprises that we can laugh at in retrospective. In the beginning of the semester, she had her hands full getting everything from ID card to furniture for her apartment ready.

She entered the competition arranged by Vertex with her list, ” Top 5 Surprises when You Move to Umeå from Abroad”, since according to her it’s always good to enter competitions.
– I just figured, why not? she says.

A month later Line had already forgotten about entering, so she was really surprised when she got the news that her contribution was the winner.
– Yeah, how can I spend a thousand kronor? So many drinks! I was very surprised and very happy about that, she says.

Read Lines winning contribution, and the full interview, in Vertex 1-2018, which appears 29 January.

Text and photo:
Benjamin Backlund