Did you know Umeå University has a twin university in Würzburg, Germany? Vertex met Linda Pfister, exchange student from Würzburg, to speak about differences and similarities between the two universities.

Linda Pfister is one of about 15 exchange students from Würzburg, one of Umeå University’s partner universities. Linda is in Umeå for a year to study Swedish and experience Sweden.
– I wanted to come here because of all I read and heard about Sweden and especially about Umeå. Everyone is very pleasant and relaxed so it is possible to get to know lots of new people from all over the world!
She thinks that the culture shock coming from Germany to Umeå is small, and describes her experience here so far as better than she hoped.

She is surprised, though, that so few students in Umeå know about the partner universities. According to her almost all students in Würzburg know about Umeå, but very few students in Umeå seem to know that the opportunity to study in Würzburg exists.
She thinks that more students should take the opportunity and learn a new language within another culture that is so similar to Sweden, as it is always easier to learn a new language when you are living in the culture at the same time.

Würzburg can be described as a young old town, with old roots and a young population. Both the city and the university have stood in Würzburg since the 15th century and despite the bombings that almost completely ruined the city and university during World War 2 it got rebuilt and many of the old parts where restored.

The students are spread out all over the town just as the university itself. Students at Würzburg even get a free card to travel around the city by buses and trains to reach their classes on time!

With many students living and travelling around the town it makes for a very rich student life, with many bars, discos and cafés. Linda’s favorite place in Würzburg is a cinema.
– I love cinema and I love films. We have a place called Central Kino that is very similar to Folkets Bio here. They show movies from the entire world, often in the original language. A lot of times the movies we see in Germany are translated to German, even the English movies, but not there.

Linda speaks warmly of her hometown and recommends it to any student who want to experience a Germany that has more to offer than just Berlin. A young old town filled with students and an opportunity to enrich your time as a student.

Emma Thorell Stårsta
Photo /Linda Pfister: Emelie Fredriksson