– It’s a quick and easy way to meet like minded friends, says Nadine “Charlie” Ray, the founder of the International Fika, a the weekly event at Bildmuseet.

Nadine "Charlie" Ray.
Nadine ”Charlie” Ray.

Every Sunday at 1 p.m. the International Fika at Bildmuseet starts off with coffee, laughter and talk. The weekly event has grown rapidly in popularity the last year.
– We chose Sunday because we know most people may not really have an excuse to leave their house – so it gives them one. It is the one day that people could actually get out of their usual surroundings and meet new people, says the founder Nadine ”Charlie” Ray, a swedish-american gastronomy student, interested in food, culture and people.
She wanted the place to be away from the main campus and Ålidhem.
– So, we meet at Bildmuseet café.
What is so special about the event?
– You’ll automatically connect with people, because when you have a couchsurfing mentality, you will naturally develop a curiosity for strangers and vice versa. It is for the like minded people who are open and free. So, if you’ve moved to a completely new city and have no previous connections, it is a quick and easy way to meet like minded friends that you’ve never actually met.
Can anyone come?
– Yes absolutely. It’s not just Fika, we often do other activities too.

Read more about the International Fika in the next issue of Vertex, which is published 3 November 2015.

Text and photo:
Haile Negussie