What is the most unique thing about being a student in Umeå? Tell us – and you might be the winner of 1000 SEK!

What do you like (or disklike) most about being a student in Umeå? What’s best? Or worst? In short, what’s the deal here, in your opinion, as a student at Umeå University?

Tell us in form of a photo, drawing, cartoon or perhaps a text (texts have to be short, max. 1200 characters including spaces, preferably shorter, a few sentences might do it, or perhaps a list.)

First Prize is 1000 SEK and second 500 SEK. All contributions might later be published in Vertex.

E-mail your contribution to red@vertex.nu June 30 at the latest. Note: pics need to be in high resolution. 

Postal address: Vertex, Biblioteksgränd 6 BV, 907 36 Umeå

Read the text in Swedish here