The many twists and turns in Knives Out are definitely enjoyable to watch – and there is a real sense of fun, thinks Vertex reviewer Emily Rose Williams.

Knives Out, the highly anticipated new film from Rian Johnson, has all the makings of an excellent murder mystery – a grisly murder, clever plot twists, high speed car chases and Chris Evans.

The murder of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), millionaire publisher, seems to be solved (at least to the audience) in the first act, as detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) digs deeper. However, the murder is only the backdrop to family drama and deceit. Everyone has motive, and as Blanc remarks  “I have ruled out no suspect.”

Despite this apparent solution, there are many twists and turns splattered throughout (sometimes quite literally) the rest of the film. Who hired the detective, before the death was even ruled a murder? In a host of such despicable characters, who really killed their father to get their hands on his fortune? When will Chris Evans take his shirt off?

The questions are endless, and are all neatly wrapped up in the final scene, à la Agatha Christie. Unfortunately for me, and everyone else, I can answer, without spoilers, that Chris Evans remains fully dressed for the entire film.

The film boasts a glittering A-list cast, but set among them is a new star – Ana de Armas. De Armas plays Marta, the film’s sweetheart protagonist, whose humble innocence and desire to help and do good is what makes this film so refreshing.

Despite being a murder mystery, a film genre often stuffy and dull, Knives Out is hilariously funny, and enjoyable to watch – there is a real sense of fun. Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis getting to cause chaos just for the sake of it? Definitely enjoyable.

Emily Rose Williams