– The best way to develop as a person is to go outside your comfort zone and meet new cultures, says Melanie García Martínez, the president of AIESEC in Umeå.

AIESEC, the world’s largest student organization, offers students volunteering and professional internships abroad. AIESEC’ s vision is to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential

Melanie García Martínez from Colombia studies the International Business Program at Umeå University. She is also the president of AIESEC in Umeå and thinks that cross cultural meetings really can prevent wars.
– The reason for wars is that we don’t understand each other, and by getting in touch with new cultures we learn more about ourselves and the world, she says.

To achieve a difference Melanie thinks that people must believe in themselves and not be afraid to take action against injustice.
– We all know about the problems, but many of us just think that someone else will solve them. But we are the people who are going to run the world so we have to take responsibility and believe in ourselves, she says.

Melanie explains that AIESEC helps students to develop both their personality and their professionality combined with making new friends and seeing new places.
– We want to develop leadership among young people in order to make them take more responsibility, and we think the best way to accomplish that is to send people abroad outside their comfort zone, she says.

Read more about Melanie and AIESEC in
Vertex #2-2016, which appears the 23 of February.

Text och photo:
Vendela Wikström