– I want to improve my skills in Genetic biology and make new friends, says Oana Maria Toderic from Romania, one of 600 international students that have arrived in Umeå.

Hundreds of international students have arrived in Umeå in order to study at the University. According to a survey Umeå University has the most satisfied international students in Europe. Social activities, study environment, education quality and opportunities to make new friends are some of the areas where Umeå University is top ranked.
The result has spread over the world and attracted more than 600 international students from more than 30 different countries to Umeå this year. One of them is Oana Maria Toderic from Rumania.
Why did you choose to study in Umeå in Sweden?
– I heard that Umeå University is good and professional in the Biology field, so I decided to study here as an international student. I will stay until January, doing the first term of my Master degree in Agricultural Science.
What do you hope to get from your visit here?
– Firstly I want to improve my skills in Genetic Biology and work a lot in the laboratory. But I also want to meet new people, and get to know the surroundings. I don’t like to sit at home and do nothing, so I joined the Buddy group to make new friends and participate in different events.
What is your impression of Umeå so far?
– It’s welcoming and I like that everyone knows English. I also like the green surroundings and the ocean. In Romania I live in the mountains so this reminds me of home.
Are you nervous about anything?
– Only about the weather. Umeå is far in the north and I’ve heard that the winters are cold with a lot of snow.

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Text and photo:
Vendela Wikström