Today the event Global Village was held in Lindellhallen on campus, and exchange students from all over the world got a chance to show other students their own culture.

Several countries, from Pakistan to Belgium, were on display in a crowed Lindellhallen today and Vertex made a first stop at the South Korea table.

Some typical South Korean dishes.

What do you have here?
– We wanted to show the value of food we have, because it feels like people from Sweden aren’t too aware of our type of food, says Dottee Kim from South Korea.
At the table they have mixed rice and glass noodles that students could taste with several types of side dishes. The harmony of the food is important in the country and you can mix the rice with different coloured vegetables. The glass noodles that were served is called Japchae and symbolises long life.

The Pakistan table.

Beenish Hakim represented Pakistan. She helped show the handicraft, folk music and the history of the country.
– I think it’s important to show these things to get more tourists to visit Pakistan as recently there has been many setbacks for the country in terms of visitors, she says.

Camille De Herdt and Nina Van Baelen from Belgium (to the left).

Camille De Herdt and Nina Van Baelen from Belgium had chocolate and waffles on the table and explained that it isn’t all too easy to find what type of edibles to show from their country.
– In Belgium we don’t really have that many typical dishes, so we went with what we are most famous for, says Camille De Herdt.

Text and photo:
Mats Pääkkölä